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The company was founded in Denver, Colorado, on March 10, 1910, by Black Hawk, Colorado-born luggage salesman Jesse Shwayder (1882–1970) as the Shwayder Trunk Manufacturing Company.

A religious man, Shwayder named one of his initial cases Samson, after the Biblical strongman, and began using the trademark Samsonite in 1941 for its tapered vulcanized fiber suitcase, introduced in 1939.

In 1965 after the Samsonite suitcase became its best-selling product, the company changed its name to SAMSONITE. For many years the subsidiary SAMSONITE Furniture Co. made folding chairs and card tables in Murfreesboro, Tennessee The Shwayder family sold the company to Beatrice Foods in 1973. Samsonite operated with relative independence within Beatrice until 1986, when the company was sold to Kohlberg Kravis Roberts. Subsequently, the company went through multiple changes of ownership in the 1980s and into the 1990s. First, Samsonite was spun off from KKR as part of E-II, which came under the control of American Brands E-II went through a bankruptcy, and was renamed Astrum International. In 1993, Astrum purchased American Tourister luggage, complementing Samsonite.

In 1995, Astrum split, and an independent Samsonite (now including American Tourister) was once again headquartered in Denver.

The Denver factory, which employed 4,000 at its peak, closed in May 2001. Samsonite headquarters moved from Denver to Mansfield, Massachusetts, after a change of ownership in May 2005.

Samsonite moved its US marketing and sales offices from 91 Main Street in Warren, Rhode Island, to Mansfield, Massachusetts, effective September 1, 2005.

In 2005 the company was acquired by Marcello Bottoli, former CEO of Louis Vuitton, to pull them out of a long slump.

Bortoli left the company in 2009.

In July 2007 finance investor CVC Capital Partners took over Samsonite for $1.7 billion.

CVC Capital Partners Ltd. became Samsonite’s fifth owner in 21 years.

On September 2, 2009, Samsonite Company Store LLC (U.S. Retail Division), formally known as Samsonite Company Stores Inc, filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy It planned to close up to 50% of its stores and discontinue the “Black Label” brand in the United States.

In June 2011 Samsonite raised US$ 1.25 billion in an initial public offering in Hong Kong.

In August 2012 Samsonite paid $35 million in cash to buy the high-end luggage brand Hartmann, which was founded in 1877.

In June 2014, Samsonite agreed to buy technical outdoor backpack brand Gregory Mountain Products from Black Diamond, Inc.

, for US$85.0 million in cash.

In March 2016 Samsonite agreed to buy luxury baggage maker Tumi for $1.8 billion in its largest-ever acquisition.

In April 2017 Samsonite agreed to acquire eBags for $105 million in cash. eBags generated $158.5 million in sales in 2016, up 23.5% from $128.3 million in 2015.

When I’m looking for a suitcase, I really want to make sure that it spins so that I can move with it pretty easily in all directions, something that I have to wheel. I’ll have to be thirty. I can’t like pick it up and, like literally run through the airport, I want it to be like easy to spot on the baggage carousel.

I’M personally, a fan of soft sided suitcases, I’m an over-packer, and I want to be able to just like get as much in there as I can and just like stuff it and sit on it, and I feel like with a hard case. You can’t really do that. I do not want a suitcase to be like hard to pull and I don’t want the handle to be wobbly.

What I’m calling it my current suitcase handle is wobbly and that’s an issue [ Music ] because of the like the hard exterior it seems like it would hold up, feels like this could last like a good long time to take some beating. It’S so lightweight. I like that, it don’t look like it would be. Oh that’s the color, but I was just like. Oh, it’s gon na be like a stone or something, but it’s really really light.

They have these little side, legs too, which could be a little difficult if you’re, trying to like squeeze it into a tight space, but I like that, like, if you’re flipping it over here, it’s not just laying directly on the ground. I think this. This is definitely a very high durability suitcase. You know the strap doesn’t feel like it’s gon na come off, which has been a problem before for me pretty sturdy.

I don’t feel it. I don’t feel like this is gon na crack on me. Thank soon it’s got. Nice wheels that his wheel around pivots really well and the wheels are nice look at them. Go. I really don’t like when the squiggles a lot. I mean I’ve never really encountered a suitcase, that’s like sturdier than this per se, but I wish it was.

I don’t feel like this is gon na break on me anytime soon the handles are pretty durable at full extension. It seems like a little like a little flimsy ER, but here it feels like you could really like run with it through the airport. I don’t I don’t love the handles, they just kind of feel a little weird to pick up.

There are so many parts that I don’t even know what to do. There’s like a combination and there’s some place to put a key. If I was very concerned about the security of my suitcase and I wanted to lock it, I would probably be happy that there are so many locks here. It looks nice I’ve. Never, I don’t think I’ve ever locked. My suitcase in my life, when I suppose that, if you check your bag – and you want to be safe, looks like it would do a job.

The zippers okay you’ve got like these little bits right like stick out um, which i think is meant to go in and secure. Oh yes or the lock, okay, it’s recessed inside the suitcase, which I guess helps keep it a little more durable. But then also I have fat fingers, so that’s just a little bit harder for me to just go grab the zipper and open it up. There’s a lot of what puzzle doors you know what’s happening.

They think is that pretty easily you seem durable cuz. I feel like every time, you’re trying to zip your suitcase really quickly. You inevitably take the wrong zipper in really yeah. You know I’ve never understood that whole, like second zipper situation and also cases. What is this really doing for us [, Music ]? It doesn’t look like this has any like outside pockets, which I really prefer because sometimes like I wanted, I want to keep my passport nearby. I want to keep my boarding pass nearby.

I just remembered how passionately I feel about this. The suitcase that I have now that I love this compartment like zips for the bottom, so if you ever gon na get something out like everything has to spill out, so I like the distance from the top. I also never really understood that you, so these guys in the suitcases I’m like also. What are you doing? I like, but there’s a zipper in the bottom, because I actually have recently started like packing shoes under and there’s like in between the bars.

It looks expandable a little bit, which is good, which is part of my issue with a with a hard suitcase. Just doesn’t look that big to me, so this is like maybe like a shoe pocket, which is handy, I think that’s it. I said more than I expected from used to the topcase being really shallow, I’m not being a lot here. This definitely the top half fit a lot more than I was expecting this thing. Then it makes it really easy to put everything in there pack it up and then flip it over, which has been a like.

A problem for me is that whenever I pack stuff in the lid – and I flip it over – it, moves and I kind of falls down – I just kind of repack, it so say what does this do just like kind of compresses stuff that I really like gets Everything in there more than I expected to fit in the suitcase so wouldn’t be my suitcase, though it wouldn’t be. My first choice pros for the bag tons of space inside really good compartments and zippers swivels all the way around really easily. So I think you could definitely move quickly was it my only con would be, but it’s a hard shell.

I can’t get over that a little bit, but maybe I need to I’m not really enamored by like those locks and battery chargers and all that stuff like if it gets around and it packs a lot then I’m interested, so I thought it was really effective. This was really really roomy, it wasn’t like one side was shallow and one side wasn’t like they were both really deep and it was really easy to get everything in there.

I would definitely consider buying it. I think this is a pretty effective suitcase. It takes a little bit of studying to figure out all the parts, but it’s not too bad. It moves pretty well. It has a lot of compartments that make like good use of the space that there is. I wouldn’t buy it because I’m still a soft suitcase fan, it is, you know, very durable, very easy to pack a lot of room on the inside and I really like that the handles are pretty durable. It’S got nice wheels that is wheel around and there are no outside pockets for you to keep like stuff.

You want nearby, which I really prefer the zippers they’re sort of recessed into the groove, and that it’s makes it a little hard to get. This is very straight board. It gives you all the space that it’s Inc sort of encompassing and tries to keep everything else out of the way. I don’t know if I would make this my go-to, but it’s definitely like I director. I got ta keep this after. Like [, Music, ]

Hey guys, Steve here with Samsonite, to introduce you to the 32 inch Cosmolite, which is in ours Premium black label division. This 32 inch Cosmolite, is one of the biggest lightest and most durable cases that Samsonite makes Worldwide. The structure of the case is made of woven layers of polypropylene. The way that the case is made is proprietary to Samsonite. The case is made of woven layers of polypropylene, And the end result is this material that is extremely strong, extremely durable and extremely lightweight. This large 32 inch case weighs only 7 pounds And is one of the most durable cases that Samsonite makes You can see. The case is extremely large, Very, very, very lightweight, Very lightweight.

The rigid shells on the case itself also help to protect and enhance the durability of the case. As you move around. Of course, we have one top carry handle A mono tube adjustable top pull handle that locks in multiple positions in case you’re, taller or shorter will be just the right height for you. Of course, we have a side mounted, handle as well easy to travel, easy to carry And a side mounted TSA lock as well. So you don’t have to worry about losing your lock On the bottom. This is a spinner case, so it has four multi-directional wheels. Really smooth super rolling wheels Makes this case really smooth, Really easy to travel with, As we move into the interior of the case, You’ll notice that the zipper is right mounted into the middle of the case.

So this is a split opening design case. It opens into two extremely large shells, So there’s a ton of packing space in this bag. As you come onto one side of the case, you’ve got your compression, strap here on one side, A nice large, deep, packing compartment. Here to pack all your clothes and everything you need on one side As you move over to the other side here You do have a mesh zip divider here, keep all your clothes separated And again another large large packing case on one side as well. The main benefit of this case is it’s super super lightweight. It is one of the largest cases on the market and, as mentioned only 7 pounds, It is by far and away one of the strongest lightest and largest cases on the market. All right. If you’re looking for a premium product, look no farther than the 32 inch Cosmolite by Samsonite in our Black Label premium division,

Good morning, Hawaii October meeting with the fashion world today, we’re going to talk about Samsonite, always went on all over the world for its comfort and design resulting of innovati studies in language field. Kevinsites crawlies are the strengths of the American brand functional comfortable and perfect for airplane travels home language of some type collection satisfy heavy travelers need some sexuality of cabin size, her available in a shell or soft fabric. First, one her future with anonymity, harder technology called curb. A strong and resistant polypropylene material produced in order to be very light elastic a stronger at the same time, the sun’s light slowly of the famous cosmic collection, a spacious and comfortable. We need from waves and obviously with TSA closure. Regarding the soft sign, language stands like the trolleys offers a wide range of models characterized by resistance and compassionate as most important futures with a rational internal organization and functional external pockets. Samsung Electronics of delight collection are perfect travel mates. The meet assortment of Samsung actually doesn’t have here from cabin size, to large language from to Wales. To for some sexually satisfy every needs for more info or to shop online. The miss to visit our website at Scalia would calm. You will find our complete sample collection and many more products. That’S all for now see you soon and goodbye.

First introduced in the 1990s ez card from Samsonite is back and better than ever. This case has a balanced four-wheel system that allows you to push your luggage in front of you, so it’s easier to maneuver through an airport, plane or hotel. The interior has a unique on shelf packing system. This allows you to transfer folded clothing straight from your drawers and stack it onto the shelves in the cart, you can even avoid having to unpack once you’re at your destination. If you prefer more traditional packing, simply unsnap. The shelves and stow them at the bottom of the bag, the flat top design of the ez card, allows you to easily stack additional bags on top for easy transport, simply extend the bungee cord over the top of the case and secure in the designated court hook. For larger items, the bungee can be secured at the top of the push-button locking handle smaller items can be secured by wrapping the bungee over the top of the case and securing the hook to the back. The ez cart comes in two different sizes. A 21 inch carry-on case, that’s easy to lift and store in the overhead bin on the plane and a 25 inch case that has the packing capacity of a 29 inch. The ez cart from Samsonite is the perfect choice for easy navigation with its balanced wheeled system and large packing capacity. Travel just got easier.

Today, … insane luggage savings coming your way, Hi, I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite. Thank you so much for coming to my channel. I’Ve got huge savings and, with many of you traveling for Thanksgiving or somewhere else, this holiday season, I have huge deals. None of these are paid products located right under this video screen. We’Re going to hear from intern amy in a moment who has a suitcase deal that she has loved testing Before we get to that. If any of you are tired, after seeing again how I’m going to help you this black friday, we have so many people on this channel just a reminder, and for those of you who don’t want to see it skip through it. It takes 20 seconds

This is how you can get every big Black Friday deal two weeks early, Don’t let the stores ruin your Thanksgiving. I have you covered on my Deal Guy YouTube Channel, so you can skip the line and avoid the crowds, A team of people working across the country. Right here will get everything delivered to you. All you have to do is subscribe. Turn your channel alerts on. If you are not yet subscribed click. This Register Now button your screen right now and you’ll be signed up and good to go. Current subscribers you’re already hooked up And now for today’s huge savings Under $ 50. In some cases on these very well-rated traveler’s choice, Rome, 20”, carry-ons I’ll – show you a style of these. In a moment, The Samsonite lift 21” carry-on spinners continuously rated as one of the best lightweight suitcases. I will show you this: It’s amazing how much you can fit inside and although this is on the higher end of the price spectrum, you get a 10 year warranty and I love this thing. The Kenneth Cole’s drifting in and out of stock

They may be $ 10, cheaper on Black Friday, but a favorite of Intern Amy. I had a chance to travel with this Fully funded by ways to save Just kidding. I went on a family vacation Anyways. I used this in the airport and fit all my stuff in here, which is surprising because I pack a lot And this suitcase was slammed around by all the baggage claim. People And, as you can tell still, no scratches Completely in good shape. And since my family is never on time for the flight, so you know running around the airport. Wasn’t a problem. You can see this bag goes multiple different ways.

Horizontally vertically it spins around Now, the warranty on this particular suitcase, which I like best, is a 10 year limited warranty and from Samsonite at under 7 pounds, which is great because all of you watching know how weak I am physically and in other ways as well. This is a suitcase that can accommodate a lot of clothing and I think that the wheels on this suitcase are some of the better ones I’ve seen and the wheels have that 360 degree spin There. We are Wow

I really appreciate you being here And if there’s anything else, you want to save money on. Let me know We have the freebies coming back right after Black Friday and a few other surprises until then Have a great rest of your day For free stuff click that subscribe button. You see on your screen right, now..,

It’S a solid suitcase that comes with a great deal of capacity and a good style statement. It is further complemented by a happy user base Made with a typical polypropylene base. The material is not especially sturdy. The frame is powerful. The outer case is really strong. Unless you have a habit of crashing your luggage suitcase the Samsonite freeform functions flawlessly, The shell makes the whole suitcase very tight. The material is light and strong it’s comfortable to carry and the low weight helps you stay below the maximum weight carriage limit of Airlines. At Twenty point, five inches the Samsonite freeform hardside spinner – is a tall enough carry-on that will have no problem in fitting in domestic Overheads and staying sleek in international airlines as well. It comes in six variations, the white and white grey ones are priced higher. Then there are the jet black and the black versions that go with the harmony of most other luggage. Suitcases. Sage, green and green grey are the other two options that look somewhat unconventional. The Samsonite freeform hardside spinner is a very good option to go for It’s not a cheap carry-on, at least not when it comes to quality, storage. Space and durability might be typical, But there is something about the Samsonite freeform that makes it stand. Apart from the crowd.

It’s a people’s favorite. You

As we take a closer look at the Samsonite might like 21 inch, spinner notice that they use a top and side carry grab handle which are padded. They also have a bottom grab handle here. So it’s easier to lift horizontally, let’s say into a trunk of a car on the bed or into the overhead bin in the airline. The bag also has a built-in side parking here for water bottles or umbrella or other items. It is padded they have a built-in ID tag here as well in the front they have a slip pocket here and goes all the way down in a smaller document pocket. Then they have a larger compartment out front here as well, and it’s quite large and you can get quite a bit in their shoes or flip flops or an extra coat. The bag is also expandable, so you get a little bit extra room if you need it and they have a wet pack here, so you can put damp items there. Another mesh pocket as well, both of them use a zipper to access and on the inside they have two elastic pockets. Mesh pockets, tie-down strap to keep your clothes from shifting and less wrinkling samsonite, combined lightweight pneus with durability. To give you the all new Samsonite might light come check it out here at leg space you

Hey guys, Steve here with Samson I’d like to introduce you to the 20-inch cosmo light carry-on spinner by Samsonite black label. It’S our premium division and features this Cosmo light. 20 inch case reason it’s so premium is the way we make the case. The material is consisted of woven layers of polypropylene. It is extremely strong, extremely light and one of the most durable materials on the market. This particular carry-on weighs only four pounds. Four pounds for this very, very strong carry-on spinner you’ve got one side carry handle here on the side. You’Ve got your mounted TSA combo lock here, so you won’t have to worry about losing your TSA lock your pull up, monotube locking handle as well very strong, very sturdy handle and locks in multiple positions. So, no matter how tall or short you are you’ll have the perfect height handle for your travel needs. As you look at the bottom of the case, this is where the four wheel spinners come into play for independently spinner wheels that really make the case so mobile. So easy to use very maneuverable. So if we move into the interior of the bag, you’ll notice the zipper right down the middle of the bag, which opens up to this split case design. So you have 50/50 packing on both sides of the shell. On one side, a nice deep packing compartment here with your compression straps, really holds all your clothes down and lots of packing space on this side. You also have a nice little stash compartment here for incidental items that you can pack. You don’t want anybody to see what your watch your pocket on the other side of the case, also a large packing area with a mesh zippered compartment as well so again and opens to a nice large packing area, really deep, structured case and hold all your clothes In here this is a great 20-inch international carry-on that’s light and strong they’ll love this one. So if you’re looking for the lightest and strongest carry-on spinner on the market, look no further than the carry-on spinner in cosmalite xx. You